Pre-Conference Workshops

New to resusTO

New to 2019, we will be offering limited spaces in pre-con workshops. There are two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Maximum twenty spots in each workshop. One low price - $250.00. Register below!

Morning (0900 start)

Breathe (More) Easily: ED Ventilation


Stressed by having to navigate vent settings and alarms? Fear not any longer…this small group, hands-on, simulation-based workshop will focus on developing the skills you need to initiate and manage a ventilated patient. Your interprofessional team of facilitators will guide you through different interfaces, initial vent settings, monitoring and adjustments based on VBGs/ABGs for various common diseases through interactive case-based discussions and simulation-based scenarios.


Facilitators: Kari/Sara

Learners: 15-20 ppl

Psych Safety in Action: Art & Science of Pre-briefing Teams


The minutes before a trauma patient arrives are critical. Effectively outlining roles, plans and

connecting the team members affects subsequent team performance and patient outcomes. This ‘pre-brief’ needs structure & consistency, but with enough flexibility to manage the individual patient. We also need to create and support the feeling of connection in the team, so that team members will speak up when needed, and support positive team affect needed for optimal performance. The simulation pre-briefing has many parallels – the same need for consistency, clarity of expectations and gaining rapport, so that the participant team and facilitators can optimise engagement and outcomes from the simulation exercise. This workshop will focus on simple principles for pre-briefing teams – in simulation and in clinical teams – and dive deeply into how we apply these principles in practice. Structure, conversational tools, active listening and clarity of expectations. We’ll explore the concept of psychological safety – and emphasize we want safe, not soft. We’ll consider how these principles apply in different practice contexts, how we can practice pre-briefing, and how to encourage a consistent approach at our institutions.


Facilitators: Jesse/Vic/Eve

Learners: 15-20 ppl

Afternoon (1300 start)

Talk that Sh*t - Learn to Present Like the Pros


This workshop will focus on constructing and delivering your perfect talk.   A workshop that will focus on the 3 core elements of presentation success.  Constructing a compelling narrative, creating crisp relevant slides and presenting like a pro.


Facilitators: Dave/Sara

Learners: 20 ppl

Design Thinking – A Primer for Emergency Medicine & Critical Care


Has the design of your workspace ever bothered you? Maybe the equipment you use isn’t optimized for performance? If you answered yes to either question, then design thinking coupled with simulation is what you need. Design thinking, a 5-step, human-centered design framework focuses on the needs of end-users (i.e. clinicians and patients) to inform and test new ideas. Come learn about the same techniques used by innovators in business and technology industries who regularly prototype products and workspaces, and make iterative design changes, all before implementation. In this workshop, you will apply multi-modal simulation techniques within a design thinking framework to make your work environment human-centered and optimized for you!


Facilitators: Petro/Kari/Sean

Learners: 20 ppl